What is air?


My Movie-science experiment from BVS on Vimeo.

We were conducting an investigation about the propertis of air. These were the experiments were carried out :

  • Folding a plastic bag into 1/4 of its size. What do you notice?
  • Scrunch a piece of A4 paper Place at the bottm of an empty beaker. Turn the beaker upside dow in a bowl of water. Why does the paper stay dry?
  • Blow over the top of a thin strip of paper. Why does the paper lift?
  • Put two thick books on a table with a space between them. Place a sheet of paper across the top of the books. Blow under the paper. Why does the paper sink in the middle?
  • Run with a big piece of cardboard in front of your chest. What does it feel like?
  • Drop objects of different weights and sizes. Which fall quickly? Why?
  • Drop two pieces of A4 paper- screw up one and leave one flat. Which falls fasterand why?

Cave painting with our parents during Creative Fortnight


My Movie – cave painting from BVS on Vimeo.

During Creative fortnight parents are invited to work with their children. Our topic this term is ‘Inventions that changed the World.’ We have been looking at early forms of communication and decided to create some cave paintings with our parents. These will be displayed in our awesome cave – look out for it!

Science Investigation


We were investigating which materials were the best suited to keep chocolate from melting. The materials we used were paper, plastic, felt, tin foil and  tisssue. We conducted a FAIR TEST- we had to keep the size of the chocolate and where we placed it the same. We had also used a timer and observed the chocolate after 15 minutes. We have included some photos of the results and have some recordings as well.

Which material do you think would be the best suited to keep chocolate from melting?


DSC03274                chocolate on felt         DSC03275          DSC03272     DSC03271

Year 3 Activity Packs


As part of our topic, ‘Gateway to the World’ – Year 3’s have been designing on- board activity packs for an airline. Children had to think about what an activity pack for kids should contain.

Have a look and let us know what you think.